SF Pro Diacritics

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The new design of the San Francisco as it turns into a variable font is unfortunately a step down in terms of legibility for users using Latin characters with diacritics like me.

Here’s a comparison of the before and after of the new update:

Diacritics in iOS 14 has a lower height than those in iOS 13
Close up view of diacritics in iOS 14

This isn’t the usual “find Waldo” UI nitpicking; I literally found it because it was much harder for me to read and keeping in mind, I’m 18 years old.

I hope this is just an oversight on Apple’s part, but if this goes through to public release, I don’t think I can recommend the new update to my parents, considering they’re already using the enlarged system font size setting.

Apart from the size change, there’s a new design for the diacritics as well.

The WWDC session video didn’t address this change, but the description is undoubtedly ironic.

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